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3rd Qrtr
JUNE 12-15, 2008
On Thursday, June 12, 2008, the AABC holds it's third annual American Bulldog Specialty in conjunction with Premier.  Thank you to Honorable Judge Betty Umberto-Wells for doing an excellent job for us and congrats to the Best of Breed winner, Gr. Ch. JV's Biker Babe - Owner: Lynn Hicks - Breeder: JV's American Bulldogs.   Plans for the fourth annual American Bulldog Specialty in conjunction with Premier are already underway.
Congratulations to the AABC members that made an appearance at this year's Premier, UKC's largest show of the year. 
H&B's American Bulldogs took home the #1, #2, #3 and #5 American Bulldog in the Weight Pull All-Stars!
Elizabeth Robinson of Jemm's American Bulldogs took home #2 Junior Handler in the Weight Pull All-Stars!
Wry Jaw/Wry Mouth/Wry Bite
What is it:  This is when the mouth or jaw appears to be crooked in either the upper or lower jaw.  One corner of the jaw may tip down or up or it may be extended out further then the rest.  It may be subtle or it may be dramatic in appearance.
How does this occur:  When one portion of the jaw grows more than the others (there are 4 jaw quadrants), you will get a wry jaw/mouth/bite.
What breeds are affected:  All breeds can be affected - small breeds all the way up to the largest breeds.
Is this genetic:  Yes, this is a genetic or hereditary disorder and widely considered very difficult to over come within a bloodline.  It is highly recommended that an animal presenting with this condition is spayed/neutered.
Diagnosis:  If you are uncertain if your dog has this condition, a quick trip to vet. for confirmation is in order.
To be noted:  American Bulldogs are seeing a rise in this condition.  It is believed to be due to most American Bulldog standards do not speak of this condition as being faulted or a disqualification.  However, when most standards were written, this condition was not wide spread.  In recent years, this condition is becoming quite an issue within the breed and unsuspecting owners and breeders are perpetuating this disorder due to lack of good knowledge.
The next scheduled AABC event is set for October in Centreville, MI.  This will be a conformation and weight pull event.  See the upcoming events section for more details.
The AABC would like to welcome our newest members, the Peabody's and their Great Dane, Less.

Samuel Beach II
Vice President
Danny Bessant
13574 Dolphin
Detroit MI 48223

UKC Weight Pull
Judge #6537
APA Weight Pull Judge
ABNA Conformation Judge
Iron Dog Judge
Jamie M. Robinson
10280 Bair Lake Street
Three Rivers, MI 49093

UKC Weight Pull
Judge #6712
Shelly L. Hueckel
10583 South M-66 Highway
Nashville, MI 49073

UKC Weight Pull
Judge #6753
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