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About Us
The All American Bulldog Club (AABC) was formed in October of 2005 by a group of individuals interested in working and showing dogs for the love of the sport and not all the politics. It is the desire of the AABC to hold events that people owning any breed will feel welcome, appreciated and have a great time.

Please feel free to drop an officer or member a note or stop by and say hello at an event.

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Bulldog Club in Michigan
UKC has updated their American Bulldog Standard.
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Bulldog Club in Michigan
Bulldog Club in Michigan    

Currently, the record for the AABC rail system is
10,407 lbs. and 163.93%! 

Upcoming Events

Bulldog Club in Michigan

May 11-12, 2019

United Kennel Club event

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Bulldog Club in Michigan

October 11-15, 2012

United Kennel Club event(s)

Oct 11; Robin Abbott
JS (GRP1) ABD Show 7 pm NLC: Novice Puppy
PE ONLY $25; JS $5; NLC $10 received by October 5, 2012


(Held in conjunction with the All American Bulldog Club)
Oct 12; Cecile Chapin CA CT RS Entries 2-3 pm Meet 3 pm
Oct 13; T1 Lee Warden / Cecile Chapin CA CT RS Entries 8:30-9 am Meet 9:30 am
Oct 13; T2 Cecile Chapin CA Entries 8:30-9 am Meet to follow T1
Oct 14; T1 Cecile Chapin / Lee Warden CA CT RS Entries 8:30-9 am Meet 9:30 am
Oct 14; T2 Lee Warden CA Entries 8:30-9 am Meet to follow T1
DOS $25; PE $20, $20 2nd dog same household/same day received by October 3, 2012
Chairperson: David McMahen (519) 458-8181
Event Secretary: Robert Dunham, 61691 M-40, Jones MI 49061 (269) 816-4894

Offered at all Conformation events: (NOTE: Certain additional breed(s) will not be offered at specific shows and these are noted below) JS GUARD SCENT SIGHT GUN NORTH HERD (except BSD) TERR COMP; NLC: Novice Puppy
Oct 12; S1 Michael Robinson Jr. JS; Kathy Schwartzenberger CONF (except AE APBT); Jamie Robinson WPULL Rails (Entry limit for WP 45 this pull) Pull Entries & Weigh in 1-1:30 pm Pull 2 pm Show Entries 1:30-2 pm Show 2:30 pm
Oct 12; S2 Laurie Soutar CONF (except AE) Entries 1:30-2 pm Show 2:45 pm
Oct 13; S1 Cherish DeWitt CONF; Jamie Robinson WPULL Rails (Entry limit for WP 55 this pull) Entries & Weigh in 7:30-8:30 am Judging 9 am NLC: Total Dog
Oct 13; S2 Tammy DeWitt CONF Entries 7:30-8:30 am Show 9:15 am NLC: Total Dog
Oct 14; S1 Marian Campbell CONF; Jamie Robinson WPULL Rails (Entry limit for WP 55 this pull) Entries & Weigh in 8-8:30 am Pull 9 am Show 9:15 am
Oct 14; S2 Barbara Lauer CONF Entries 8-8:30 am Show 9:30 am
DOS $25; JS $5; NLC $10; PE $20; Weekend PE Special $90 same dog all 6 shows received by October 5, 2012


Costume Contest on Saturday with awards for most creative, scariest, cutest and overall best.  For both dog and handler!  FREE TO ENTER.

Triple Crown show:  open to all dogs (even altered) that are UKC Champions or greater, have a significant health test clearance for their breed and titled in a performance event (must show proof of all 3 at time of entry).  This will be on Saturday with an entry fee of $10 per dog.  Both a Reserve and Best in Show will be awarded. 

Rally Fun Match:  any dog interested in giving rally a try...this will be done after all other events on Saturday.  Give Rally a try for FREE in a competition set up and environment!!

Overall Best in Show/Reserve Best in Show:  this is a FREE event that will take place after both shows are complete on Sunday.  Any dog that has won a Best in Show or Reserve Best in Show all weekend will be eligible to compete.

Chairperson: Elizabeth Robinson (269) 506-8513
Event Secretary: Robert Dunham, 61691 M-40, Jones MI 49061 (269) 816-4894

St. Joseph County Fairgrounds, building 45
316 E. Charlotte
Centreville, MI 49032

Camping is available - $18 night

Hotel Information:
America's Best Value Inn
1211 W. Broadway Street
Three Rivers, MI 49093


Michael Robinson
Three Rivers, MI 
UKC Weight Pull
Judge #6925
UPF Weight Pull Judge
ABRA Conformation Judge
IBC Conformation Judge
Vice President
Sue Phillips
N. Baltimore, OH
UKC Conformation
Judge #6532
Jamie Robinson
Three Rivers, MI

UKC Weight Pull
Judge #6712

Lora Luce
Constantine, MI
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